Bezstopniowy zmienny system podnośnikowy (Variator Variable Lift System)

The variator allows independent control of lift fan rpm. It works by changing the drive ratio of the lift fan drive belt. The assembly is manually controlled with a lever from the cockpit. A 30% ratio change makes static hovering possible at low engine rpm. While in flight the variator can be lowered so more power can be transferred to the thrust propeller.

While this component makes a good addition to any single engine twin fan hovercraft, it’s not completely necessary if you intend to operate in hovercraft mode. We do highly recommend using the variator in the 18SPW for flying in ground effect.

Variator system is precision machined from 6061-T6 aluminum alloy. Bronze bushings include a double figure eight grease groove and are lubricated through lube ports bored into the 1 inch case hardened shaft. A built in, pre-filled grease pot allows manual lubrication at any time. If this option is ordered with a kit, the correct belts will be included. If you are ordering this component separately we recommend purchasing the variator drive belt set.

Diameter: 6.5 inches
Belt style: 5V, 5VX
Weight: 12 lbs
Maximum hp: 30

This is a made to order component – lead times may vary

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