Pre-molded 26″ Lift Duct

Lift ducts are made from 24 ounce multi-directional fiberglass laminated in epoxy resin. Weight of the duct is 6 lbs. The duct is made to be installed in any hovercraft lift system including our 13P, 14P, and 15P. Installing a molded duct helps reduce build time.

The duct is designed for high efficiency airflow. The inlet airfoil gradually rolls into the duct helping to achieve smooth airflow. Inlet is 5 inches wide. The duct can be trimmed to fit any application requiring a 26 inch fan.

Duct diameter: 26 inches (where fan turns)
Inlet diameter: 36 inches (measured at widest part of the inlet)

Please allow 2 weeks for production and shipment of any of our completed duct work.